In the “What about Paris” blog, the writer speaks of the low expectations people generally have about lawyers in general. We think the same holds true about the relationships that many clients have with their agency.

Every client/agency engagement holds the promise of greatness. Generally a lot of time, energy and consideration goes into the vetting and selection of an agency partner. But the honeymoon phase often turns to a nightmare of under-delivery, costly budget overruns and communication failures.

At Ike we believe that our client’s deserve better. We want to reframe the agency-client relationship.

What does that reframing look like? In a word…Partnership.

“When you work with Ike, we will be that partner to you. Your very own digital brain trust that is by-your-side and on-your-side.”

It all comes down to being a great partner. What makes a great partner? Someone you can trust, who knows you and likes you. Someone you can count on even, maybe especially, when times are tough. Someone you can tell the truth – even when the truth is hard. Someone who takes your concerns seriously and actively works to make things better. Don’t we all just deserve a partner like that?

As JD Hull so correctly puts it (with my ‘agency‘ interpretation applied) “…why not change the way people think of agencies generally and what they can expect from them generally? Get good clients–those clients you like and want–to keep coming back to you by communicating in all aspects of your work that you care deeply about your work for them, you want to serve their interests on an ongoing basis and that it’s a privilege to be their agency. Show them you fit no agency mold.

Oh, yeah. One catch–and the hardest part: it’s got to be true.”

When you work with Ike, we will be that partner to you. Your very own digital brain trust that is by-your-side and on-your-side. We want to bring you ideas to help your business grow, because we genuinely care that you are happy in this relationship. And if you are not, we will listen to your concerns and address them head on. We may not always be perfect, but we guarantee to always try to achieve only the best.

That’s why we have rules of client service. Because you deserve the best.