Many years ago I read a series of blog posts created by a law firm about their ‘rules of client service’. The blog was called “What about Paris” and its worth a read. Many of the thoughts about client service from these posts resonated with me, and over the years I’ve returned to this over and over again.

“If you follow these rules by building a disciplined culture at your shop where they are enforced and kept alive, your clients and firm both benefit as you go along. You’ll see repeat business. You’ll make money. Think of the rules as clientwork. (excerpt from What about Paris: 12 Rules of Client Service)”

The premise comes from the concept that professional service firms, be they lawyers or agencies, have a responsibility to their clients to be clear on how they interact and what they stand for. Although I’ve leaned heavily on the great work already created in “What about Paris”, I’ve modified, combined and condensed the rules to be more in keeping to how we roll at our agency.

Ike’s Rules of Client Service.

#1. Only work with clients you like.

#2. The client is everything.

#3. Deliver work that changes the way client’s think about agencies.

#4. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

#5. Respect the client’s money like your own.

#6. Don’t expect the client to do all the thinking.

#7. No is never a good enough answer.

#8. Don’t waste your client’s time.

#9. Always bring your true, authentic self.